Monday, 13 May 2013

Sweden Day 3 & 4

Yesterday my best friend (my soulmate) came to Gotenburgh to meet up - 
and we had such a great time, talking about old times brought up
so many memories, and so many crazy stuff we were doing.

We had lunch and then we went to check out some shops.

And after that I went home to relax, these days have been so busy,
going to bed late - getting up early, so I needed an evening in.

Today I have been on lunch with another friend and then
I was walking in town, looking around, checking some shops etc..
But I must say that because of the high taxes here, clothes 
are quite expensive compared to London, so It's sometimes not 
worth buying stuff in shops that also exist in London.
I rather wait until I am back or buy stuff in shops that don't
exist in London.

Later I met up with another friend and we went for Tapas and Sangria,
such a nice and relaxing evening!

Now I am tired and I realised I only have 2 more days in Sweden,
but I miss my love too, so it will be nice to go back afterall.

Pics from today:


In love with this coat stand (I need one for the flat) too bad I can't bring it with me

River Island Sweater on today

Tapas at Pinchos today

Brownie and Vanilla Kesella

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