Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sweden Day 1

I am extremely happy to be home and meet friends and 
family, time goes so quick, and today it's already
Saturday, but my days are busy so i love it.

Yesterday I spent time in my hometown "Borås", which is a rather small
town, but it's cosy and walking down the streets gave me
loads of memories from back in the days, felt very nostalgic.

The annual spring market was on, but I was
running late for my hair appointment, so I was rushing through and
didn't have time to check out the market as it was packed
with people. But I had a quick look afterwards.

I needed to get my messy hair sorted, so I went to my hairdresser,
and now I feel complete again ;)

After my appointment, I was walking around town and later met 
up with my best friends to have dinner at their place, we had so 
much to talk about and catch up on, so we will have to continue today..

Today I will be standing at a market in Gothenburg and sell some
clothes that I am not using and which I can't keep
saving in my mum's basement anymore.. "no more space" lol

Need to get ready and get going now!!

Picture quality is crap for some reason - they don't even look that
crappy on my phone... straaange..

Time to go to my hometown

 Ready to sort the hair out

 waiting waiting

just dont mind my eyebrows - they need a HD brows session, haha

Fruits & Kesella, yum

Leaving my friends house

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