Saturday, 31 August 2013

New In

I am back in London - arrived last night!
It feels good to be back after a week of travelling - the next coming
weeks will be pretty busy in the office, a lot of work is waiting + follow up from
the business trip, right now I don't want the weekend to end!!
Today I managed to sleep a couple of hours more than usual,
and then I had to run some errands - weather is still amazing in London,
which feels great! Love this late-summer feeling!
Lately I have added some new items to my wardrobe, below are a few of them:


(I got this one in grey in the shop - but they only had the black one online)





Thursday, 29 August 2013


We arrived Stavanger late wednesday and made our way to the hotel -
we checked in and then went to town to have a look around and grab
some dinner! It's slightly colder here, but the town is cozy with the port
and the old town, but there are some funny strong smells in some parts of
the city, today it was quite unbearable at times, lol!
We have had the last meetings today and we will take some time to
do some small shopping now and then head to the airport for our flight
back to London, can't wait to get back now and be with my love.
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend - have a lot of sleep to catch up on!








Wednesday, 28 August 2013


This morning we woke up in a sunny Kristiansand, we had
a nice breakfast at the hotel and then we met with 2 of our biggest clients -
so these meetings took slightly longer and they were very productive! 
After these meetings we had lunch and visited the town.
We later jumped on the next train to Stavanger - which will be our
last stop before heading back to London!


Oslo has been great this year - because we have been so lucky with the weather, last year it was colder and I caught a cold!

I arrived Oslo quite late with train from Gothenburg, so I went straight to
our hotel, Radisson Blu Plaza, my colleague arrived from London,
so she had already checked in - we got a room on the 21st floor,
with amazing views! The hotel has 35 floors in total and it was really
nice and trendy!

We had a lovely breakfast and then we had meetings with various clients
around town. It was a good and productive day, and all meetings went well.
We also had a nice lunch at Aker Brygge. After lunch we had a few more
visits and then we were done. As my sister lives in Oslo, I went to meet
up with her and we walked around and bought some candy and just had a
catch up! I went back to the hotel after to meet up with my colleague
for dinner. We went exploring the city and took some pics and finished
with dinner at Aker Brygge again. We went back to the hotel and had a
look at the popular Sky Bar - it was pretty late and it was not so busy -
we took some pics and then went to bed.

We had another day full of meetings with existing and also
some new clients. In the afternoon we jumped on the train to
Kristiansand - it took 4 hours - very long! We arrived pretty late so
we went straight to the hotel to check in and then off to bed!