Monday, 26 August 2013


Not much time but thought I need to post something -
I had an amazing weekend in Sweden, meeting my friends and family! 

I went to my hometown Borås and had lunch with a friend and
her newborn :) Later we went around town and enjoyed the sun and
went to see their new flat! In the evening I met up with my childhood
friend and we had a lovely dinner together.
Weather has been so good in Sweden the whole weekend - 
it's amazing actually, as it usually rains when I come! 
I had lunch at home with my mum and in the afternoon I met my
friends and checked in to Scandic Crown Hotel in Gothenburg and got
ready to go to another friends flat to drink some wine and gossip lol ;)
We later went to Lounge Nightclub for a night out, and this night has
reminded me of why I no longer go out clubbing, there is just too
many irresponsible drunk people and it gives me stress and anxiety for real!
We had a fun night dancing and enjoying, but seriously some people have
really bad attitude when they drink, it stinks!

I had breakfast at the hotel on my own, as my friends were too tired to
make a move, haha! But honestly wished I hadn't gone myself either,
breakfast was awful! So untidy and everything tasted bad!
I later went back home and spent some time with my mum and dad,
we had a good chat. At 6 I had to catch my train to Oslo, 
This journey took 4 hours, way too long! 
So now I am in Oslo on a business trip,
The weather is great so far!


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