Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Another day - Another look

hey, it's already August tomorrow, WOW, summer has been
running away.. I just love August - maybe cause I am born 
in August - but this is my favourite month

But coming August, it also means summer is almost over..So it's a 
happy/sad combination when entering the month of August!

I am gonna try to sleep now - I always end up going to be too late
and then I am soo tired in the morning, story of my life.. lol

Today's look:
Black Long Skirt from Serious Sally (old)
Grey Crop Tee from Topshop
Flats from River Island (old)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Shoe Crush: Isabel Marant

love love love them... #wedges
these shoes are killing me right now.. #iwant
 Isabel Marant - Scarlett pony hair, suede and leather boots

Monday, 29 July 2013

open back

Time to go bed - today it's been hard - I only have 2 words
to describe it #Monday #tired
The heat was gone today and it's been a bit windy, so I decided
to go back to jeans, no bare-legs day today
Today's Monday Look:
Top with open back from Topshop (old)
Levis Jeans
River Island flats (old)

These leggings made it home with me :) #h&m
this is what happens when your bored on your lunch break lol #shopping

Favourite Summer Looks

Jessica Alba in Versace Dress & Celine heels
Olivia Wilde in ALC

Vanessa Hudgens in Catherine Malandrino

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Here we are again.. we have reached end of the weekend,
they just pass by so quickly..
This weekend I have been cleaning, washing, relaxing on the rooftop
and so on.. nothing fancy,but so needed!
On Thursday I had dinner with a friend at Westfield, it was nice to
catch up after our holidays! It's my birthday very soon, so we're
trying to arrange a night out with the girls :) can't wait!

Now I am going to relax in the sofa for the rest of the day..

Weekend Pics:

On Thursday I was wearing top from H&M Trend
and beige skirt from Zara Trf (old)


Rooftop Outfit:
Crochet Crop Top from H&M
Jeans Crochet Shorts from Zara

Friday, 26 July 2013

Loving You

I am in Love with this song at the moment

DSTRKT London!

Hey it's Friday, yuuuhuuu!!

It's been hard to be back at work this week, after holidays and especially 
since the weather has been so great, the last thing you want is to sit in 
a office sweating - but I made it!!

On Wednesday we went to a Summer Party at DSTRKT in 
Piccadilly Circus, arranged by one of our suppliers! This is a known and 
popular nightclub, it was my first time there and I really liked the place - 
but we left early as the party was a bit slow.. and as we came straight 
from work, we were starving but the food wasn't exactly flowing..

I was wearing:
Top from Zara
Asymmetrical Skirt from H&M Trend (old)
Necklace from H&M
Flats From River Island (old)

For the evening I changed to Heels, from ZARA TRF (old)


With my BFF


Tuesday, 23 July 2013


In bed trying to fall asleep - but I'm too hot - it's impossible to sleep!

Don't get me wrong - I am a summer person and love the weather 
right now - but it's just hard when you live in a big city with so much 
pollution in the air - it's hard to breathe for real - I need a beach!!

Today I had problems focusing at work because of the heat - where I sit, 
is more like a green room for plants, and its too damn hot in the 
summer and freezing cold in the winter! Today it became too hot in 
the room, it was just not bearable at times! We only have a fan there no AC, 
and the fan is not helping much at all!

I just saw the lighting and heard the thunder here now.. 
Oooooh I will try to sleep now

#lovemynewtan - please don't fade yet

On the roof top on Sunday

After work I went to get my eye-brows fixed! 
I do HD BROWS at The Athenaeum Hotel Spa!

Monday, 22 July 2013


So many new things are arriving to the shops - I need to stay away.. :)
Below are a few items from H&M that I fancy

Cropped Top
I got this one before going for holidays - love that it's cropped and you
can never go wrong with stripes

Halterneck Body
I grabbed this one in Paris at H&M Champs Elysees - it's sold out online now,
but I am sure it's possible to find it in the shops

Pleated Maxi Skirt
I saw this one in Paris too - but they didn't have my size and I didn't
really have time to try anyway - but I kind of like it

Ok, I got this one too before going on holidays - I just love me some red..
Actually on the website it says swimsuit, but when I first saw this in the shop I thought
it was a body - and that's what I will use it as!
(Note! Runs small in size - I had to go up 2 sizes)

Vest Top
Saw this in Paris - my size was not available

Wraparound dress
Like the wrap on this dress and how it falls

Jersey Leggings
These leggings look quite basic, but the twist is the wraparound 
zips at the hem and they are ONLINE EXCLUSIVE!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

London, I'm Back!!

I touched down in London yesterday evening! It was sad to leave the
family, but all holidays come to an end unfortunately..

We spent our last days in Paris relaxing, sunbathing, visiting a shopping centre etc.. I bought a pair of heels from Mango and makeup from Sephora.

I can't wait until next holidays now, haha. But tomorrow I am back to work
and reality! Weather seems to be OK here in London still, but in Paris
the sun was very strong and it was quite warm in the evenings too, so yesterday when we arrived, I could feel the difference straight, there was
a colder breeze here.

Today I need to organise in the flat, clean, go food shopping, wash clothes etc..
If the weather clears up maybe I can use the roof top to top up my tan :)
Maybe we go for a quick drink in the evening to finish off our holidays!

I was wearing Skirt from Topshop, Top from H&M and flats from Zara
On my way to the shopping centre

I was wearing Ash Sneakers, Zara distressed Jeans, Kenzo Tee & Wera Sthlm bag
Time to go to the airport

At the airport

Waiting for the flight

Arrived to LHR

Finally Home Sweet Home #lovemynewtan

Souvenirs from the Airport - love laduree

New In
Heels from Mango /Blusher & Bronzer from Sephora