Tuesday, 23 July 2013


In bed trying to fall asleep - but I'm too hot - it's impossible to sleep!

Don't get me wrong - I am a summer person and love the weather 
right now - but it's just hard when you live in a big city with so much 
pollution in the air - it's hard to breathe for real - I need a beach!!

Today I had problems focusing at work because of the heat - where I sit, 
is more like a green room for plants, and its too damn hot in the 
summer and freezing cold in the winter! Today it became too hot in 
the room, it was just not bearable at times! We only have a fan there no AC, 
and the fan is not helping much at all!

I just saw the lighting and heard the thunder here now.. 
Oooooh I will try to sleep now

#lovemynewtan - please don't fade yet

On the roof top on Sunday

After work I went to get my eye-brows fixed! 
I do HD BROWS at The Athenaeum Hotel Spa!

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