Friday, 5 July 2013

and here comes the sun..

Summer is back in London my friends - how lovely!
This weekend we will have 27 deegrees, yiiihoo, i am going to use 
our rooftop for the first time this year!

Don't forget your sun protection when your out and about in the sun - 
I love Lancaster's products. They have loads of good products
everything from pre-sun to self-tanning and after sun..

My favourite product is the Face Bronzer it works like a 
moisturizer, but it has a touch of colour inside.
It evens your complexion and creates natural-looking glow.
You can use it as a base for all makeup products or alone for radiance.

It comes in 2 shades: Natural & Sunny
I use the Natural one on a daily basis but the Sunny more in the 
summer when I have some colour or on the cheeks only.
 This product also has SPF 6 or 15!


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