Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Glossybox January

It was great to come back to London on Monday evening and find 
my Glossybox for month of January :)
5 new items are waiting to be used - below you will find out what 
my box contained this month - again I must say it was more exciting to open
the box than find whats inside the box, quite random items..

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream
This is a multi-use cult moisturising cream from Japan, it revamps your skin and enriches it with vitamin E, 
vitamin B2, camphor and a uniquely high glycerine conten

Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash
With a blend of juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender essential oils

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezer
Pretty floral tweezer with high quality stainless steel
Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches
Under eye patches  willl reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and revitalise the delicate skin around  the eyes

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Masque & Blemish Mud Masque
Specially formulated to remove dirt and grime and cleanse the skin and pores to the core

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Nail it



So my last stop on this business trip was Copenhagen, and I arrived
there on tuesday evening and went straight to my hotel,
it was just a couple of minutes walk from the central station, and the best
part was to open up the door to my hotel room and find out I was upgraded
 to a superior room with a king size bed, I luv it!! The room was very clean
and modern! Thank you Palace Hotel!

But oh boy, was it cold there, it was too cold actually, I have forgotten how
the Scandinavian cold hurts! But as they say "there is no bad weather
only bad clothes".. I guess its true, because I just don't have those kind of
proper winter clothes in London, because it's not needed there.

On Wednesday I had a meeting outside Copenhagen and then some
meetings in the city centre. I also managed to walk through
the famous shopping street, Stroget, in the afternoon to check out
some shops and picked up a few small things.

On Thursday I had a full day, running from one meeting to another 
through the whole city. In the afternoon after all meetings I had time to 
check out Nyhavn area and The Little Mermaid, but my iPhone has been
acting funny ever since I dropped it to the ground and crashed a part of 
the display in Norway, so the battery keeps going low quickly and also
sometimes it just turns itself off when it's on 20% #timetobuyanewiphone.
Anyway so by the time I was at The Little Mermaid, my phone died and I 
could not even take a single pic from the sculpture, so annoying!!

Friday morning finally did arrive, I could hardly believe it - I had a quick
breakfast and then it was time to check out and have my last meeting
in Copenhagen. After that I went straight back to the hotel
to grab my luggage and hop on the next train to Malmö!
Oh it was great to arrive to Sweden, I finally started to feel abit more at home.

I had a few meetings in Malmö and then I was back on next train again,
this time to go home to Gothenburg and have WEEKEND! :)
It felt great to come home to my mummy and yesterday I took
the car to my hometown to catch up with my friends there.

Today I met with 2 other friends here in Gothenburg and tomorrow
back to London town!
Catch you then...






Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I arrived to Aarhus pretty late on Monday evening, after 3 hours train ride 
from Frederikshavn, so went straight to the hotel to check-in.

It was dark and I was pretty tired so didnt have a chance to see anything,
but what I noticed straight away was that it was a more lively town 
compared to Aalborg.

I had some food and then checked my e-mails and ended up going bed
 very late even though I knew I will have a crazy hectic day today.

Woke up very early this morning and left the hotel at 8 and had a few meetings
slightly outside Aarhus and then back to the centre to catch a train to Silkeborg,
where I had a few more meetings. And again rushing to the next train back
to Aarhus to collect my luggage and hop on another train to Copenhagen,
that has been my day really, from one meeting to another and then all these

I was staying at The Ritz Hotel in Aarhus (it is nothing like the Ritz in 
London), I gurantee you that - the room was very simple and honestly the 
hotel would do good with a refurbishment. But Location was great for 
me, as it was just by the train station. 

It was a pity that I didn't have time to see anything of the city,
will have to be another time..

The only pic I took there was in the room - this will make you
understand why the hotel needs a refurbishment ASAP and changing
of some items and decor.. check out the "old ass" phone..
does it even work I wonder.. lol


Greetings From Denmark!!

I arrived well to Aalborg mid-morning on Sunday and made my way
to the hotel, was surprised to see so much snow.
It was really cold and windy too, after checking-in at my hotel, I went
to check out the town and the locations for my meetings.
As it was Sunday almost all shops where closed, surprising, as even
in Sweden there are shops open until a certain time on Sunday's.
After walking down on the main streets, I finally found 1 shopping
centre that was open and managed to have a look around.
Cozy town, but it's hard to see everything in only 1 day.

On Monday I had a few meetings in Aalborg and then I took the train
to Frederikshavn for a meeting and afterwards I had to continue
my journey to Aarhus.

Love the contrast of the palm tree inside and the snow outside haha ;)

Kiss and goodbye, luv it!

Hotel Jomfru Ane - nice hotel and great location

My sgl bed - it was very comfy still

With my favourite sweater to keep me warm in the crazy cold

Time for meetings

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Next Stop --> Denmark

On the flight to Aalborg now, which will be my first stop on this business trip!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

crush of the day

Cafe Royal


On Thursday we went for dinner at Café Royal Hotel, which is literally
on the doorstep of Piccadilly Circus - walking distance to Regent Street
and Oxford Street - it's in the heart of London.
This is a 5star luxury hotel, and it's not like any other luxury hotel,
because it's so glamorous. I mean the rooms are to die for,
so contemporary - and so many thoughtful touches.
First of all the rooms are so spacious, for being London, and I don't 
know whether to Ahh for the bathroom mirror TV Screen or the 
Personal Butler service you get for any room type you book.

We had dinner at Ten Room, which serves British cuisine,
the food was great and the service even better!
I had Scottish Scallops with avocado, lime and hazelnuts for starter and 
Wild Sea bass for main course!

They have a lovely spa too - the swimming pool looked so tempting!