Sunday, 26 January 2014



So my last stop on this business trip was Copenhagen, and I arrived
there on tuesday evening and went straight to my hotel,
it was just a couple of minutes walk from the central station, and the best
part was to open up the door to my hotel room and find out I was upgraded
 to a superior room with a king size bed, I luv it!! The room was very clean
and modern! Thank you Palace Hotel!

But oh boy, was it cold there, it was too cold actually, I have forgotten how
the Scandinavian cold hurts! But as they say "there is no bad weather
only bad clothes".. I guess its true, because I just don't have those kind of
proper winter clothes in London, because it's not needed there.

On Wednesday I had a meeting outside Copenhagen and then some
meetings in the city centre. I also managed to walk through
the famous shopping street, Stroget, in the afternoon to check out
some shops and picked up a few small things.

On Thursday I had a full day, running from one meeting to another 
through the whole city. In the afternoon after all meetings I had time to 
check out Nyhavn area and The Little Mermaid, but my iPhone has been
acting funny ever since I dropped it to the ground and crashed a part of 
the display in Norway, so the battery keeps going low quickly and also
sometimes it just turns itself off when it's on 20% #timetobuyanewiphone.
Anyway so by the time I was at The Little Mermaid, my phone died and I 
could not even take a single pic from the sculpture, so annoying!!

Friday morning finally did arrive, I could hardly believe it - I had a quick
breakfast and then it was time to check out and have my last meeting
in Copenhagen. After that I went straight back to the hotel
to grab my luggage and hop on the next train to Malmö!
Oh it was great to arrive to Sweden, I finally started to feel abit more at home.

I had a few meetings in Malmö and then I was back on next train again,
this time to go home to Gothenburg and have WEEKEND! :)
It felt great to come home to my mummy and yesterday I took
the car to my hometown to catch up with my friends there.

Today I met with 2 other friends here in Gothenburg and tomorrow
back to London town!
Catch you then...






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