Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I arrived to Aarhus pretty late on Monday evening, after 3 hours train ride 
from Frederikshavn, so went straight to the hotel to check-in.

It was dark and I was pretty tired so didnt have a chance to see anything,
but what I noticed straight away was that it was a more lively town 
compared to Aalborg.

I had some food and then checked my e-mails and ended up going bed
 very late even though I knew I will have a crazy hectic day today.

Woke up very early this morning and left the hotel at 8 and had a few meetings
slightly outside Aarhus and then back to the centre to catch a train to Silkeborg,
where I had a few more meetings. And again rushing to the next train back
to Aarhus to collect my luggage and hop on another train to Copenhagen,
that has been my day really, from one meeting to another and then all these

I was staying at The Ritz Hotel in Aarhus (it is nothing like the Ritz in 
London), I gurantee you that - the room was very simple and honestly the 
hotel would do good with a refurbishment. But Location was great for 
me, as it was just by the train station. 

It was a pity that I didn't have time to see anything of the city,
will have to be another time..

The only pic I took there was in the room - this will make you
understand why the hotel needs a refurbishment ASAP and changing
of some items and decor.. check out the "old ass" phone..
does it even work I wonder.. lol

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