Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fall Essentials

This is my checklist for fall!

If your panicking about updating your fall wardrobe and you feel like
almost buying everything in each shop you enter, calm down, below are 
5 wardrobe essentials that will do the job, without having to kill your budget!
1. Leather
Will be a big hit this fall - whether it being a skirt, shorts or pants you will not go wrong. I am secretly craving a leather skirt in a pencil cut for this fall

Leather Croc Pencil Skirt By Boutique get it here
3x1/W2 coated pencil skirt get it here
Metallic Leather Skirt get it here
Leather Pencil Skirt/ JOSEPH get it here

2. Burgundy
Burgundy is BACK!! If you have anything left from last years
burgundy invasion, you can still use them this year, how great! 

Leather Court Shoe get it here
Suede Moto Jacket get it here
Lace Dress get it here

3. Luxe Sweatshirt
Perfect for those times when you don't have time to put together a great outfit -
but still want to look chic. Now you can do exactly that by only adding a
chunky sweat - the luxe sweatshirt is here!
Silk sateen-paneled jersey sweatshirt get it here
Photo Leopard Sweat get it here
Leather Panel Sweatshirt get it here
Metallic Sweat get it here
4. Lace
Embrace your Lace
Lace, does usually play a big part in Fall/Winter collections, so this  year is no different
Lace Top get it here
Lace Pumps get them here
Lace Shift Dress get it here
Lace Top get it here
5. Jumpsuit
You can still stay chic and classy without a dress - just take a chance on the jumpsuit, perfect one-piece outfit for the colder months, when you can't do
bare legs anymore. Add a pair of heels and your ready to party!
Jumpsuit Stella McCartney get it here or here
Jumpsuit Diane von Furstenberg get it here
Jumpsuit Alexander McQueen get it here
Jumpsuit Michael Kors get it here
Jumpsuit TOPSHOP get it here

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