Thursday, 16 May 2013

Back In London


Time went so quickly I can't even believe that I am already back 
in London, but it feels good to back even though the 
weather is being crappy, the kind of weather called "4 seasons in 1 day"..
more or less.. looool

My last days in Sweden, I spent with my family and just relaxing abit,
It will now be another while before I go again, 
so I will miss them all!!

Persian Lunch with my mum & dad, it was sooo yummy! 

I stumbled over these NIKE "sneaker wedges", WOW, i like!!

Packed and Ready for the airport

Love these glassware lipsticks by Kosta Boda, saw them at the airport

My favourite chai latte drink from Espresso House ♥, just before departure

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