Friday, 31 May 2013

Life of an event/tour planner

Working with tourism and travel is sometimes challenging, 
especially right now when the economy in most European countries is not 
great, and alot of companies are cautious about spending money and travel etc..

But it also comes with its own benefits, so as a event/tour planner
I get to see loads of hotels and try restaurants and activities in order to 
have a better product knowledge, so that I know what I sell to my clients.
Some periods there are more visits some periods there are less, and in the
summer there is always more events and parties to attend, I try to enjoy
and appreciate every moment, as I believe these moments are also precious 
and might never come back again.

Yesterday I had another hotel visit - this hotel only opened last year in November.
It's the Intercontinental London Westminster - I really love this hotel, 
it's so trendy and open and yet so intimate and personal, and it's very 
artistic with alot of art pices here and there.

I was wearing
Zara Coat
H&M Scarf
H&M Blouse
Zara Leather Leggings
Bershka Blazer
Zara Bag
Zara Heels
H&M Jewellery

Below some pics from the evening

In the lobby

On the ladder to success 
(I did touch the ladder - I do hope it will bring success, lol)

Art - Parliament by Evil Robots

Love the boot as a lamp holder :)


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