Saturday, 9 March 2013

& other stories

Have you checked out & Other Stories? - a new brand within the H&M group
The store opened its Regent Street flagship shop this week!

They also have a website
They sell everything from shoes to beauty, check it out!
 It's like an upgraded H&M :)

My favourites below ♥

Grosgrain hair clip

Leather belt

Yellow Plain T-shirt

Black Satin wallet

Gold Twin Chain Brass/Zinc Bracelet

Yellow Padded lace bra

Black Zip Skirt

Apricot open back dress

Indigo Abigail Lorick Pumps

Colours: Nude lamé, Melton Sunset, Farandine Red, Cashmere Coral,
Charmante Pink, Calamanco Coral, Voile Pink, Organza Coral, Camaca
Coral & Scarlet Red  

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