Monday, 11 March 2013

Dreaming of Summer

The weather is so cold in London right now - and the wind is horrible!
Can't help but dreaming about summer holidays.
This year I want to go Dubai but I also want to go back to Miami,
so I am trying to plan in both of them! But Dubai will be for late summer,
otherwise it will be way too hot!
So Amazzzzzing - would have loved to be there right now!
Last Time I was in Miami was June 2011 - so a while ago now - and
I really want to go back because it was just wonderful and people
were so friendly and relaxed!! We also managed to go on a 1-day cruise to
Bahamas - which was just so lovely, it was not something we
had planned beforehand, we just decided to do it once in Miami.
And it's easy to book such day trips through the hotel once
you are there and the staff is always helpful and try to get
you the best deal! The minibus picked us up really early
and took us to Fort Lauderdale where the cruise would leave from.
On the cruise we had breakfast and all drinks inclusive.
It took 4 hours to Grand Bahama Island, during the cruise they had
games and competitions on for the guests or you could just hang around
in the pool or on the sunbeds! The only thing that was not inclusive
was your time spent on the Island, you could just make your own way
and do what you wished but on the cruise they recommended
you to buy a day-package which gives you access
to a beach club and lunch. So we ended up doing that with
a few new UK friends we had made on the cruise.
Bahamas was like a dream - and I could not believe I was
there, the sand was so white and the water see-through!
As this was a 1-day trip - we didn't have plenty of time on the
island, but we spent all our time on the beach and with the
local people, you could also hire jet-ski or do other water sports.
You could also buy different packages like 1 night or 2 night
stays so then you would stay at a hotel on the Island.
We only had total 1 week in Miami, so we could not
go for the hotel packages. On the way back they served
a buffet dinner on the cruise and they opened up the cinema
and later on they also opened up the nightclub, we
ended up having so much fun!

Now, this was a long post about my past holidays in Miami,
but it was worth remembering all those lovely memories
and suddenly I feel much warmer :)

We had a lovely beach view from our room

Miami Beach

Just outside our hotel
Outside the hotel

Our hotel pool in the late afternoon



our pool bar

Daquiri Time

Hotel Lobby

Visiting MIAMI INC

Visiting DASH Miami
Night Out
On the Cruise at Fort Lauderdale
Hanging around the pool

Beach Club

Loving Bahamas

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