Thursday, 21 March 2013


I want to get some new glasses - but it's so hard when you
don't have the possibility to try them at home.
I found out they don't do that here in London, craaazy,
how can one make a decision so quickly when in the shop which
glasses they are going to buy, especially when it's something your
planning to have for a couple of years.
In Sweden you can borrow as few pairs and take them home and try
them in your own time and then you can decide, so much better!!
 I usually use contact lenses, but it's always good to have a
pair of glasses to use sometimes, as using contacts everyday
is not really good for your eyes! I have a pair that I use
sometimes when watching TV etc.. but they are really old now
and the prescription is out dated and they are slightly falling apart!
Definitely time for new ones!

 My old ones by D&G
I been checking out a few online on
My favourites:

I also saw these ones by Burberry in a shop window when in Nice!

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