Wednesday, 16 July 2014


 Last week I took some days off to relax abit, since it's summer 
and holiday period!

I went to Oslo to see my sister, as she's having a baby daughter very soon, 
and I will become a first time auntie, how cool and slightly unreal, but I 
am excited to meet my niece!

Weather in Oslo was amazing so had time to work on my tan too, lucky!
I only stayed for 1,5 day and then I continued to Sweden
to see my mum and my friends.

On Friday I went to my hometown to see one of my best friends 
and her 2 little boys, it's crazy how quick they grow, but I guess that's
what happens when your not around all the time and you only meet them 
once in a while.. we had great fun talking alot about old times, love 
those moments! I also had time to go by my hairdresser to do a quick 
well needed refurb!

On Saturday I met with 2 other friends and we had a stroll in town,
doing some shopping, enjoying the sunshine and catching up on 
past events. The plan was that we were going to end up at another 
friends house to prepare and have dinner all together. But one of my 
friends told me we have to drop by another flat first to water the flowers 
for a friend, and I believed that story :) But when arriving to the front door
of the flat I see a sign saying "happy birthday" and my first thought was,
who's birthday is it? silly me! That sign was for me, as my friends had 
arranged a pre-birthday dinner celebration, as they were not sure I will 
be back on my actual birthday, which is first in August!

I was so touched, as I had no clue and no expectations at all!
I was just in a shock state for a couple of minutes, they had made it so
 pretty and bought groceries to arrange the dinner for me, put up ballons, 
baked a cake and bought a gift. I am so blessed to have lovely friends like 
them in my life! Can't thank them enoughfor making my short weekend
so special!

Sunday I spent with my mummy, relaxing and laughing :)

I miss them all already!

Photos from the weekend:








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