Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Radisson Event


Time flies and I have been pretty busy lately - but here I am now..

2 weeks ago I went to the annual Radisson Blu Edwardian Showcase with 

work and stayed over at their property at Heathrow - really nice hotel and 
very convenient for the airport of course!

They had planned a murder mystery dinner this year and I have never
done that before - so it was great to finally experience it.
 It was pretty funny, but I  mean it was hard to keep it together as
we were quite many on each table and we might have not been 
100% focused at all times lol ;)

After the dinner they had a DJ and I must say he was playing
sooo good music, we danced all night long and laughed so much,
by 01:00 when it finished,  my feet were killing me just abit.

The next morning we had a full English Breakfast and then
me and my colleague went for a shopping day, which was so much fun!

Photos from the Radisson weekend:



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