Friday, 18 July 2014


The Other day, me and my colleague decided to drop by Selfridges to
make our own custom made Magnum, so much fun!
I chose vanilla base, with dark chocolate cover and I choose the 
following 3 toppings to sprinkle: coconut, hazelnuts & white chocoloate 
and last but not least white chocolate drizzle, yuuumy in my tummy ;)
 If your in London - make sure to drop by before 30 August

Make My Magnum
To celebrate Magnum's 25th birthday, Selfridge's is exclusively hosting 
the Make My Magnum experience at The Concept Store, Selfridges London.

From 30 June - 30 August you can create your very own personalised 
ice cream at the Make My Magnum Bar. 

Pick your favourite ice-cream flavour, chocolate coating and choice of 
decadent topping to design your ultimate Magnum

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