Sunday, 23 June 2013

My Weekend!

 Weekend went too quick - another week is starting tomorrow.
Looking forward to next weekend already, as we have a nice event to attend.
This weekend I have been checking out the sale in the shops, cleaning
and meeting up a friend for a quick chat!
The sale has just started in the shops and online, but as I have
mentioned before, it's always less reduced in the beginning,
so really if it's not something you been checking out for long, I would wait abit.
But in my case, I always end up finding/buying stuff that's not on sale,
that's just typical me. Zara's sale started on Friday too and I managed
to get hold of 2 items I had kept an eye on before.
On Friday I was invited to have lunch at the Pizza Express in Soho,
which also has a jazz club. The jazz club was really spacious and can take
larger groups for dinner or events etc.. apparently also very popular as
they usually have good jazz musicians playing there.

Friday Lunch

After food comes dessert

Tried on this navy blue dress that was on sale at TOPSHOP, love the
twist on this otherwise basic dress, with the asymmetric hem, but I got this in white already!

Friday's outfit:
High-waisted Jeans from Gina Tricot
H&M Belt
Top with open back from Weekday

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