Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Eye

Yesterday we were invited to try the champagne experience on
the London Eye. We had a private capsule, which takes up to 25 people.
I have been on the London Eye before, but it was at night, so it was definitely
a different experience with the champagne and the daylight.
We had so much fun, laughing a lot with my team, I mean the guy who was our host in the capsule, must have thought we are a bunch of koko's lool ;)
Before or after your tour on the Eye you can also go on the 4D Experience, 
it was good fun and tells abit of the story of The London Eye..

I would've probably not gone again if I wasn't invited, but if your a tourist
and first time in London, you should not miss it, views are amazing!

I am wearing:
Jacket from ZARA TRF
Scarf from H&M
Crossbody Bag from WERA STHLM
Trousers with zips from Zara
Tee from H&M
Heels from H&M (bought 2 years ago)
Jewellery from H&M



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