Thursday, 13 June 2013

TBT Holidays

I am on a "holiday mode" today, as we just booked our trip to Paris
for July, last time I was there was 2009, way too long ago!!
We are going to visit my love's family and stay with them.
Looking forward to see them all again!

Throw back Thursday pictures below from some past holidays:

Tehran/Iran 2006
Paris/France 2009

Milan/Lago Maggiore - Stresa/Italy 2009

Iran 2010 - at the hair salon before my cousins wedding
Iran 2010 - at my cousins wedding
Barcelona/Spain 2010
Miami /USA 2011
Bahamas/Caribbean 2011
Iran 2011
Rome/Italy 2012

Rome/Italy 2012
Oslo/Norway 2012
Nice 2013

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