Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Executive Box

On Saturday I had a great day out - we went to Emirates Stadium to watch
The Emirates Cup games between Valencia/Monaco & Arsenal/Benfica with 
my work colleagues and some suppliers, it really added to the experience 
knowing that the game was sold out ;)

We were in a Executive Box and it was a great atmosphere - 
we had so much fun!

The box experience is always a good idea - you have the box for yourself 
and your company, great views and food/catering :), what I like about the 
box is that you can be inside or outside watching the game, it's always 
good to have the option and to be able to go inside if it get's cold, but of 
course the atmosphere is better when watching the game outside the box.
There is even a toilet in the room and chairs/sofas, it's quite luxurious,
I feel happy I got the opportunity to try this experience :)

Pics from the Weekend:

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