Friday, 1 November 2013

Vamos a España

Yesterday we had a event to attend for Hilton Worldwide at
Hilton Waldorf Astoria, it was great to meet some of our contacts.
But best of all was the amazing price giving, there was 20 prizes,
where you could win overnight stays at different Hiltons around the
world. There was prices such as 4 nights stay at Hilton Barbados,
2 nights stay at Hilton Bangkok, Fort Lauderdale, California, Austria,
Athens, Berlin.. etc etc..
I always say that I don't have any luck with price giving's,
but my oh my I was having a lucky day, I won a 2 nights stay at
the Hilton Garden Inn, Sevilla! I was very happy!
I have been in Spain quite a lot, but I have actually never been to
Sevilla, which makes it so much more special :)
Can't wait to plan that trip - but it will have to be for spring time, as
I am very busy travelling this fall/winter already.
So the weekend is here, but I have to work tomorrow and then
I am going to visit a place I have never been to before, more about that
time to fall asleep..
oh, by the way HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
Below some "not so good quality" pics..

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