Sunday, 17 November 2013


It's been a loooong week in Norway, and not much time to
update on the blog at all. I arrived in Bergen on Monday by noon in
stormy weather conditions, so went straight to the hotel to catch
up on e-mails. If you ever plan to travel to Bergen, stay at
Thon Hotel Bristol, this was a good hotel with a great central location!
I have been very busy with meetings during the daytime and in the
evenings I have been dealing with emails. It's such a busy period with
so many requests to deal with for London now :) which is great of course!
I hade a successful business trip to Bergen & Trondheim and met so
many friendly people and clients, so I am fully satisfied! I have been
in Bergen before, but it was my first time in Trondheim, and I must say
I really like this cosy town with so many shops, restaurants and cafés
around, I would love to go back to Trondheim again, as I didn't have
time to see much there.
Well, now I am back in London and need to relax before
a new week starts!!
Happy weekend!

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