Monday, 14 October 2013


well hello
I've been away during the weekend - so not much time to write or update 
here at all, but I am back in London again - so all is back to normal.
I went to Stockholm for a long weekend to see one of my friends,
I hadn't been in Stockholm much in the past so was really looking forward to it.
It was great and I had a good time, but I will not change my mind about liking
the west coast better (Gothenburg in my heart).

I feel that people are more genuine and relaxed on the west coast
comparing to Stockholm, where everyone is just so up-tight, would be
nice to see people smile sometimes...
other than that it's a really beautiful city as they all say and with 
good-looking people!

Anyway, my weekend consisted of a mix of shopping, dining, champanging (lol)
and even cinema. We saw Blue Jasmine, good movie but the end
was very disappointing. I must say I was very lucky with the
weather too - sunshine and blue sky the whole weekend.


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