Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cafecito & Afternoon Tea Party

Yesterday I finished off a busy week with a relaxing
Cafecito & Afternoon Tea Party at Asia De Cuba based at the 
St Martins Lane Hotel.
It was a unusual Afternoon Tea experience, as I am used to the
English style afternoon tea, this was Cuban style, but I liked it!
We were first served a Cocktail each, but I am not that much for
alcohol and these cocktails were quite strong, I had an
Old Cuban Martini with Havana rum and Champagne and some
other ingredients, it was just not my cup of tea.
We were then served The Savoury items which consisted of
Salmon tart, cubano pressed sandwich with BBQ pulled pork,
beef & vegetable empanadas, fresh green mango, cucumber & mouli roll,
hot & sour chicken/avocado spring roll & savoury scones served with
mojito butter. The Aperitivo consisted of a smoothie in a small bottle
which was a mix of mango, kiwi & strawberry.
We got to choose a tea with the savoury items, I had basic
Earl Grey with this.
Afterwards we were served the sweet items which consisted of:
Chocolate chilli cream & pistachio crumble
Banana Spring Rolls filled with white chocolate & coconut ganache
Mini Mexican doughnuts filled with butterscotch sauce
Key Lime Pie topped with a soft meringue
We got to choose another tea with the sweets, I choose Vanilla Black.
The teas are all JING Teas, which is one of the finest teas around.
I fell in love with this tea and I am going to get some for me to drink
at home.
The Tableware used was designed for Asia de Cuba by Luna & Curious
which is a collective boutique and design consultancy based in
Shoreditch, East London.

Overall it was a great new experience - and anyway anything coming out of
Asia de Cuba is always amazing - if your in London, do go for dinner
at this restaurant, because the food is just soo good!!

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