Sunday, 8 June 2014



Let's re-cap on my weekend in Liverpool - this mini-trip came around very 
last minute, as me and my colleague had to attend a workshop on the 
Monday - but we decided to arrive earlier to enjoy the vibe of Liverpool ;)
 best decision ever!

I was positively surprised by Liverpool, I came with no expectations
at all - and I loved it! I must say that people are very much involved in their 
city and culture, we met so many friendly and helpful people.
They really go out of their way to help you out with anything, and also
the customer service that we were approached with in the shops, WOW,
I mean usually you will have me at HELLO, but hey anything extra, just 
adds to the whole shopping experience.. ;) I am afraid I must say that you 
will not usually find the same level of friendliness and service in London.

Moving on, Liverpool did also deliver with the best weather 
we could have ever wished for - how lucky!

We stayed our first night at Hilton, which was situated
at the Albert Docks, perfect location for shopping, clubs and culture.
We were upgraded to a deluxe room, which meant we had a amazing 
view over the Docks - it was beautiful! What was so great with the Hilton,
is that they have a bar in the lobby area which transforms to a club 
on Saturday evenings, which is very popular with hotel guests as well as 
locals, as everywhere we asked for advice for a good night out - they kept 
mentioning the Hilton..

So after a day in the city checking hotels and shops and some more hotels.. 
but mostly shops of course ;) we headed back to the hotel to get ready!
We took the lift downstairs to the bar, so easy and convenient!
The bar closed at 02:00 so we continued our night out, we didn't have
to go far as next to the hotel we found Liverpool's hottest and most
exclusive club "The Playground", so we were told at least.. ;)
We really enjoyed our night out in Liverpool, so many nice people,
and hey so many beautiful and fit girls, watch out for the "Scousers" lool ;)
And oh, I forgot the accent, loving it!

On Sunday we started with some sightseeing around Albert Docks,
and then some more site visits and we managed to get in
some more shopping time too! We visited one of the most famous
fashion shops in Liverpool, Cricket Fashion, we were in heaven!
We later had to check-out from Hilton and check-in at our next hotel,
The Nadler, it is a modern and quirky hotel, each room has it's own kitchenette.
We were quite tired from the night before, but we decided to get ready and
head out, I must say it's quite dead on a sunday, but there
were a few bars and even some clubs open.

On Monday we had an early one - had to attend the Workshop
from 08:30 and then we were out all day, seeing sights, going on the 
ferry, catching up on the Beatles Story, seeing some hotels etc etc..
After that we grabbed our luggage from the hotel and took the
train back to London!

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to UKinbound and Visit Liverpool 
for arranging the workshop!


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